Wellness area

Pure relaxation

Pamper yourself at our Wellness Area

Pamper yourself with a break and relax in the stylish ambience of our wellness area. In addition to the 6m x 11m indoor pool, you find five different saunas where you can switch off. The waterfall showers and the cooling pool complete your experience. As a Marriott guest, you have free access to the wellness area.

Our newly introduced children's bathing times in the pool:

Saturday 9-12 o'clock
Sunday 9-12 o'clock
Holidays 9-12 o'clock

During the week at any time according to the current opening hours!

Finnish sauna

The hot and dry air warms your body, promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Due to the brick oven with automatic infusions, the sauna reaches temperatures of 80-100 degrees.

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Steam bath

The Steam Bath is very popular because of the many positive benefits it gives to the skin, airways and general wellbeing. The pleasant water vapour ensures radiant and fresh skin.

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Infrared sauna

Pleasant 38-43 degrees ensure a gentle warming of the body and promote the blood circulation of the body. The infrared radiation is ideal for the regeneration after your exercises and the strengthening of the immune system.

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Bio sauna

The pleasant warmth of 46-60 degrees and the infusions with various essential oils relaxes all your senses. The high humidity improves the oxygen content and has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system.

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Textile Sauna

In the Textile Sauna you can completely relax and at the same time strengthen your immune system and stimulate your cardiovascular system.

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