Politics at the Bonn Marriott

Experience Bonn´s history


Touch of nostalgia...

The Bonn Marriott Hotel is characterized by the political spirit. A historical wind blows through our house. On each floor, you will find political personalities that made their mark in History. During your stay come on a journey into the past and feel the vibe of those days.  

The 9th floor is dedicated to the politician Willy Brandt. The rooms on this floor are fitted with photo collages that show him in his term and reflect the Brandt years in a charismatic way.

Everywhere in our hotel, you encounter expressive characters,  who made a name for themselves through their political action in Germany: Konrad Adenauer, Helmut Schmidt, Walter Scheel, Herbert Wehner, Helmut Kohl, etc. Every floor exudes the charm of Bonn's history and the displayed politicians.  

Our corner suites are particularly impressive, because of their spaciousness, the view over the Rhine river, and the epochal pictures which give the rooms its unique style. On the 16th floor, there are two presidential suites, Richard von Weizäcker Suite and Walter Scheel Suite, which offer generous comfort on 110m².

The restaurant Konrad´s on the 17th floor is named after a major political figure, Konrad Adenauer who reigned from 1949 to 1963. The restaurant provides a unique view over the former government quarter. Come and enjoy the beautiful view while you dine or a refreshing drink at the bar.