Politics at the Bonn Marriott

Experience Bonn´s history


Touch of nostalgia...

The Bonn Marriott Hotel is characterized by the political spirit. A historical wind blowing through our house. At each level you will find polititical personalities, who made history. Feel the atmosphere in those days and being placed into the past.

The 9th floor is dedicated to the politican Willy Brandt. Also the rooms are appropriates in terms of the politican. There are photo collage of Willy Brandt during his term of office which present his likeable side. 

Everywhere in our hotel you encounter expressive characters, who have made a name for there political action in Germany like Konrad Adenauer, Helmut Schmidt, Walter Scheel, Herbert Wehner, Helmut Kohl... Every floor exudes charm of the history of Bonn and the politicans that are shwon on this level.

Especially our corner suites attract attention. The suites impressive, because of their spaciousness, a distinctive view over the Rhine river and the epochal pictures giving the suites its own unique style. On the 16th floor the presidential suites, Weizäcker Suite and Walter Scheel Suite are located. They offer comfort on 110 square metres.

The restaurant Konrd´s on the 17th floor is named after a major political figure, Konrad Adenauer who reigned from 1949 to 1963. The restaurant provided a unique view over the former goverment quarter. Enjoy the beautiful view during a delicacy in our restaurant or a refreshing drink in our bar.