Environment protection

Marriott Hotel Bonn and Urban Beekeeper Peter Schlurmann

Our breakfast speciality

Fresh honey from the 17th floor

This summer the Marriott Hotel Bonn is forging new paths in protecting our environment. In cooperation with beekeeper Peter Schlurmann, it will create a home for five queen bees and their entourage of 40,000 bees.  The habitat for the bees is on the 17th floor of the hotel. After 35 years of conventional beekeeping, a few hives move from Muffendorf, Bad Godesberg to the Rhine river. After they explore their surroundings you can benefit from their honey and beeswax. 

Peter Schlurmann works primarily as an engineer. Since his childhood, he developed his passion for beekeeping. Beekeeping in the downtown city is for Mr. Schlurmann a completely new experience and he expects a whole new viewpoint. Mr. Schlurmann looks forward to this new challenge with delight.