A space for creative moments

Our Kanzlerbungalow is THE room convenient to the creative ideas. Not only seats take out usual agreements but also the technical equipments allow you to favor the fruitful brainstorming.

Highlights :

  • Natural light
  • Differents options for the seatings places
  • Room darkening capability
  • Mounted 50-inch flat screen monitor
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Ventilation
  • Dimmer
  • Wi-Fi available


Room size:
4,9m x 7m
Floor space: 34m²
Ceilling height: 3.5m
Max. capacity: 24 people

Seating possibilities:

Theater style: 18 seats
Banquet (8 persons per table): 24 seats
Banquet (10 persons per table): 20 seats
Block: 18 seats
Parliament: 12 seats
U-shape: 10 seats

Personal Consultations :
We provide competent and professional advice and will create a detailed offer based on your needs. Our event team looks forward to hearing from you either by phone +49 228 280 50 100 or e-mail.

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